Visit our cafe and try delicious salads, nutritional sandwiches and healthy snacks that combine some of the freshest and most beneficial ingredients.

Hot Drinks

Espresso AED 16.00

Americano AED 18.00

Cappuccino AED 22.00

Cafe Latte AED 23.00

Flat White AED 23.00

Flavoured Latte AED 25.00


Spanish Latte AED 26.00

Piccolo AED 21.00

Cortado AED 21.00

Machiato AED 20.00

Cold Drinks

Espresso Freddo AED 18.00

Cappuccino Freddo AED 20.00

Sparkling Americano AED 23.00

Fizzy Americano AED 27.00


Iced Latte AED 23.00

Flavoured Latte AED 25.00


Spanish Latte AED 26.00

Iced Mocha AED 26.00

Choco Mallows AED 28.00

Passion Fruit Iced Tea AED 22.00

Vimto Iced Tea AED 22.00

Blended Spanish AED 25.00

Blue Wave AED 20.00

Manual Brewing

Please consult with the Barista the available coffee origin

V60 AED 35.00

Aeropress AED 25.00

Cold Drip AED 28.00

Signature Drinks

We can serve it hot and cold

Liwa Latte AED 28.00 / 30.00

it's made of uae special drinks with the flavor of dates

MBZ Latte AED 26.00 / 28.00

freshly grind coffee with a flavor of cremebrulee and a hint of a cinnamon

Dhafra Latte AED 28.00 / 30.00

a saffron based drink with ahint of ginger biscuit flavor

Lotus Latte AED 23.00 / 26.00

a different tastes and flavours for our crane specialty coffee

Saffron Latte AED 28.00 / 30.00

a unique taste of freshly brewed and organic natural safron flavor

Rose Latte AED 26.00 / 27.00

an aromatic flavour of rose and combination of our freshly grind coffee

Triple Cholate Cortado AED 23.00 / 27.00

a mixed of dark. white and regular chocolate

Cloud Blue Latte AED 26.00 / Cold only

a refreshing drink with a touch of crane specialty flavors

Red Fruit Hibiscus Tea AED 23.00 / 25.00

Freshly brewed tea infused with red cherry flavor

Palm Beach Hibiscus Tea AED 23.00 / 25.00

Freshly brewed tea infused with flavors of red cherries, black currant and banana


Biscuit Cakes AED 22.00

Flavor is only Latte cake

Fuji Cake AED 25.00

warm bitheth served with vannilla ice cream on top, drizzled with caramel

Cookies AED 10.00

Bitheth AED 15.00

Japanese Cheesecake AED 23.00 / AED 28.00

Churros AED 25.00

Nutella, Pistachio or Cinnamon (Pastry of the day)


Pistachio Milkshake AED 35.00

our best selling milkshake for its satisfying flavour of organic pistachio

Blossom Milkshake AED 35.00

a flavour of redvelvet and a match of strawberry flavour

Salted Caramel AED 35.00

a unique combination of pretzels and salted caramel flavour

Lotus Milkshake AED 35.00

a delightful flavour of lotus spread and biscuits

Triple Chocolate AED 35.00

3 different kinds of chocolates to satisfy your tastes

Oreo Milkshake AED 35.00

our house blend spcial milkshake made by oreo

Mocha Milkshake AED 35.00

combination of chocolate and freshly grind coffee

Nutella Milkshake AED 37.00

a mouth watering flavour of nutella and a of hint coffee

Frozen Berry AED 35.00

Breakfast Menu

Egg White Avocado Toast AED 45.00

Avocado and feta cheese and white egg sour cream served on whole wheat brown bread bean sprouts on top.

Veg Benedict AED 45.00

Poached eggs on potato buns spinach zucchini and orange hollandaise

Veal Benedict AED 49.00

Poached eggs on potato buns with veal bacon and orange hollandaise

Crane Quesadilla AED 50.00

Toasted tortilla wraps white scramble egg, mozzarella cheese, guacamole served with tomato salsa and sour cream aside

Organic Acai AED 52.00

Acai with mix berry’s and with peanut butter granola on top.

French Toast AED 50.00

Brioche bread served with maple syrup and mix berry with a hint of cinnamon.

Side breakfast AED 10.00 / AED 15.00

(Grill Halloumi/Saute Organic Mushroom/Veal Bacon)

Side breakfast AED 5.00

(Homemade Bread)


Chicken Avocado Salad AED 45.00

Endless varieties of salad we take leaves to prepare our dishes. The mix lettuce slices avocado and cherry tomato, red radish, grill chicken.

Caesar Salad AED 42.00

Sandwich & Burger

Shakshoka Sandwich AED 32.00

Shakshoka sauce with variety of cheese, sliced boiled egg, wrapped with tomato tortilla bread.

Falafel Sandwich AED 30.00

Moroccan bread with cream cheese, cherry tomato, arugula, slice cheese.

Terteeb Sandwich AED 25.00

Samoon bread with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, boil egg and chips oman.

Djej Mosakhan Sandwich AED 35.00

Spiced chicken, wrapped with tortilla bread with cheese inside. Served with caesar dip on the side.

Chicken Katsu Burger AED 43.00

Crane Classic Beef Wagyu AED 49.00

Beef Slider or Mini Burger AED 45.00


Cheese AED 25.00

Egg with Cheese AED 27.00

Nutella AED 27.00

Pistachio AED 27.00

Kids Menu

Mac and Cheese AED 30.00

Chicken Strips and Fries AED 30.00

Bottled Drinks

Sharing Box AED 130.00

6 assorted bottled coffees

Party Box AED 230.00

6 bottles of assorted milkshakes

Smoothies Overload AED 170.00

6 bottles of assorted organic smoothies

1 liter Spanish Latte AED 100.00

1 liter Liwa Latte AED 110.00

Small bottles

Spanish/Cloud blue/Rose/Lotus AED 21.00

Liwa/Saffron/Dhafra AED 23.00

Della 1 liter AED 180.00